Tuesday, October 1, 2013

months ago

 I wore thrifted clothes head to toe,
using the colors and patterns to attempt
This Style Imitating Art Challenge by Salazar of !4 Shades of Grey.
Blouse, skirt, and shoes thrifted.
My brown tank top is so old, I don't know where I got it.

My outfit's art inspiration was:
Illumination by Colette Calascione

Months ago, my guy painted our bedroom.

Months ago, I read 3 out of 4, of these books.

Months ago, my guy took these photos on a bike ride.
Months ago, my brother went swimming with my nephew. 

Months ago, my other nephew had longer hair.

Months ago, my nieces got new trikes.

Months ago, I created this art journal page.
Our bedroom is now painted a color called
Iconic Sky.
After nearly 5 years, we were ready for something new. It's like the color of a robin's egg.
The room looks lighter, and brighter.
May 24, 2013

Months ago, I found this bird shell,
 outside my front door.

Months ago, my life seemed different,
 because that life was,
 months ago.


  1. You look so pretty in those colours :)

  2. This is super pretty, Teddi! I love the pattern on the shirt mixed with the stripes. They look made for each other. :) And your room is very pretty as well. It looks like one of your art pages come to life. ;)

  3. I still remember my old tricycle, had big bird on it.

  4. Great inspiration look! The flowers and fabric are right on. You're so lucky your guy will paint rooms! Mine thinks white-beige is the perfect color for walls. If it were up to me, the bedroom would be dark red, the livingroom green, the kitchen yellow, the bathroom blue... but he did agree to put up decals in the baby's room. Her room is definitely the cutest. There's a large tree where a fox is living near some birds, squirrels, a bear, and a fawn. There's also a large decal of her name above her dresser. I love it in there.

  5. I love how your shirt mimics the tattoo lady painting.
    Great take on the inspiration

  6. Cute post! That is such a pretty wall colour!
    I'm mesmerised by the Illumination painting, stunning!

  7. you look so fabulous! i always love your thrifted finds. the shoes are seriously amazing!!!


  8. oh my, you did such great job with the inspirational challenge again! so cool! and you look beautiful by the way. that hair colour is so right for you. plus I really like your bedroom, the way you have decorated the walls and all. you two live in such a beautiful place! :) bunnies, beautiful flowers and insects.. beautiful nature all around you :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. I always love your outfit inspirations! You look great!

  10. As always such an heartwarming post...love your skirt and the shoes ♥♥♥ and your view of things ;) your sweet journal page with its wonderful colors! And so cool you found this eggshell...seems something new had begun :D ♥ Conny
    Mix It Monthly

  11. that painting is fabulous and your shirt reflects the floral "tattoo" quite well. it does seem like so much changes from month to month, but that's life :)

  12. Loving your art inspiration, Teddi ! This outfit looks very nice on you =) Many kisses my dear

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    You're invited to enter my Win stylish dresses Giveaway, 3 winners, open worldwide until October, 12th !

  13. What a sweet and poetic post ! I love to see your bedroom, it's beautiful !

  14. Gorgeous photos! :)


  15. I can totally see the painting inspiration on that outfit.. coolness!
    thanks for the comment, I've been dwelling around the idea of not blogging anymore.. I don't know.. I've come to the point where I don't find it that fun anymore, and it takes a lot of time to do so too... anyway.. I guess I'll just stick to posting my artwork.. we'll see... thanks for worrying :) big hug!

  16. Isn't a newly painted bedroom refreshing? I painted one of our bedroom walls a dark navy last year and it completely transformed the room. The iconic sky colour would be soothing to fall asleep in, and must look great in the sunlight.

  17. I LOVE that white skirt in your third picture! That whole outfit is adorable (and I totally didn't notice any breasts sticking out haha)!


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