Sunday, April 4, 2010

riding a bike

these are the moments i love:

"they have us run naked around the field outside." uh, huh, yeah, sure they do.

"if you're gonna call him Walle, then call me Robot Chicken." okay then robot chicken.

(she can do this weird thing with one side of her face where it blows air and makes funny sounds. we are playing a game bursting laughing outloud). i say "when you start dating and you go out with a guy"...
he says, "don't do that!" i say, "no, you can do that, but not on the first date just after you've known him awhile, unless you just want to make him laugh."

"ms. look at my picture.... here it's for you." i didn't get pictures from the high schoolers. before that i used to get them all the time. (i guess i'm back).

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