Sunday, April 25, 2010


The main character of this tv show Kat is
who I wanted to be in high school.

Kat’s a strong-willed feminist who is trying to save the world and get out of school as fast as she can. She stages a protest when the school starts new policies she thinks are unfair. Kat complains about the grading system in one of her classes. Kat tries to break the stereotype that girls can do anything boys can do by joining a class to fix cars. The last episode was trying to institute a meatless Mondays for the school cafeteria.

I may have been as vocal as her, but not near as active.

Bianca: How do I look?
Kat: Shallow.
Bianca: Thank you!

Kat: It's way worse than having bound feet or wearing a burka.

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