Sunday, December 13, 2009


At the Curtain Club before the set,e the this guy and his friends are asking me to compare Redefine's sound to a band they'd know. I say they rock, and they're hard to describe. He's saying his favorite concert of all time was System of Down, "Are they like them?" No. "Creed?" No, we saw Creed, and they suck. "Deftones?" I love the Deftones, but no. Mmm, maybe Metallica? They are hard to place. Then he talks about how he likes all kinds of music including James Blunt, which I laugh about. I did admit that I saw N'Sync during their No Strings Attached tour so now you can laugh at me. Then he talks about Sade and I say that's seduction music like Barry White and Let's Get It On.
Redefine is kind of like Iron Maiden. I told them, but none of them know Iron Maiden. I say, Run to the Hills? They look at me all puzzled. Then the curtains close, the lights go out, and I rush to the front of the stage.
afterwards I ask guy and friends to tell me who they think Redefine sounded like. They said they liked them, but they couldn't decide who they sounded like. That I was good, but it wasn't Iron Maiden. (I thought they didn't know Iron Maiden! wtf?) We took off, and listened to Iron Maiden aall the way home. I still stand by what I said. What do you think?

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