Sunday, December 13, 2009


On the tv they're playing some Rolling Stones concert on Vh-1. Funny since, we were just listening to the Stones in the car. We went Lakewood to see Orange Crush Peel. A band that online, reminded me of Sunny Day Real Estate. I swear their lead singer looks like Bret from Flight of the Conchords.


I see two guys walk in wearing skull caps, and sit down. I start laughing cause I suddenly think of Jay and Silent Bob. I mention this to the people, at the next table, one guy says, "That's who we were for Halloween."
Later J has an ephiphany the guys I laughed at must be the next band cause why else would five guys sit together. I say I knew the one standing was a musician long before that. I could tell by the way he watched me watching the guys play onstage. When I see him pull out the same guitar I wanted at the guitar show I say, this is gonna be good. Then he warms up with Hendrix. I was right.The name of the band is Jokersdeck. Their lyrics were completely original with a sense of humor. They have this dynamic energy together with blending guitars and high voices like Queen or The Darkness. Their songs were interesting and did not run together or sound the same. I heard traces of The Beatles and something else I couldn't identify at the time. After the set I said, great show, you guys were worth every penny! We got home after 2:30 AM. The next day on Myspace I realized the sound I loved, but could not identity was traces of Jimmy Eat World. Do not mistake what I am saying. Jokersdeck is not a rip off band. Their stuff is their own, but their influences seem to be the foundation of the music that I love!

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