Tuesday, March 24, 2009

before the fall

This was the best thing at six flags. Before the fall is my new favorite texas band find! They are so good. They are like a combination of  Story of The Year and Bullet for My Valentine, but they play their own stuff. This was how we ended our adventure. Talk about perfect. The girl beside me in front row, who I think was with the lead singer, but who knows.

 She says, “They’re gonna play Bon Jovi now.” I’m like “Shut up! No, don’t play Bon Jovi.” The guy sings into the microphone, “She said, shut up, shut up, shut up!” I said, ”If they’re gonna play Bon Jovi they should play something from the first album, not Livin on a Prayer.” She says “This is what they know. They know this.” I said, “Okay if they are going to play Bon Jovi, then who’s gonna be Richie Sambora?” She says, “Gio.”Who’s Gio? “The lead singer.” Oh. So they totally rocked the song. 

After the set, J’s telling me we’ve seen them before, but I swear we haven’t. I’m asking the bassist where they’ve played to see if we had, but we hadn’t. Another totally cool thing was the guitarist wearing a Slash t shirt. (since I’m currently trying to learn Welcome to the Jungle. And no it isn’t any good). 

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