Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Automatic Love Letter

Automatic Love Letter has the strong girl singer, tight jeans, high heeled black boots, lots of necklaces, and heavy eye make-up. Last time I saw her she showed us how she bled on her guitar, all in the name of Rock. The drummer is wearing a Pink Floyd shirt and on his drum the word that shows he has a sense of humor. The guy playing the Fender, covered in stickers. Yeah he’s a funny guy too, but he’s a little dirty. Telling us what he thinks and wants us to do. 

The group boys, in the crowd, all friends head banging together, at the same time. One of the guys is wearing a t shirt I own. They lift their friend on a chair. Raising him to the beat. We’re not worthy they tell the girl singer. She has them move to the front. She asks them what they’re on. “Rock” they say. “Rock and Roll” and I believe them, cause we’re all high on the music. 

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