Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ranger game

First they search my bag. What’re ya searching for?
“glass bottles, alcohol, marijuana, bombs, guns, mace, Ma'am…”
How about gum and a cell phone?

“Oh, well you can’t have a cell phone.”
You can’t?
“Go on”
We get to our seats and this lady from John’s work asks me if I like baseball? I shrug my shoulders. (I like rock concerts and art). We were only at the game for one hour. We came late and left early. I tried to talk to the few people around me. The score was 7-0 Red Sox ahead. I was bored outta my freakin’ mind.

I used to like playing softball when I was 8 and 9. I used to like watching baseball games when someone I knew was playing. But mostly I liked going if I could see cute boys. Cute boys playing or cute boys watching. The only cute boy there on Friday was John and I don’t have to go to a game to see him.
I know the tickets were free, but I had more fun riding on the freeway with music blaring. If I have to go to a sporting event, I’d rather go to a Jazz game, thank you.

Guess what? The Rangers won the Red Sox the next day 15-8.
Just my luck.

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  1. Hey Teddi! Now, though I absolutely loved your blog post, the REAL reason I'm leaving a comment is because I couldn't find your email address. Do you happen to remember the username and password on the computer you used at BL last year? You can email me (I think you have my work address, or my other address is
    Hope all is well with you!


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