Monday, September 1, 2008

Fan Halen & Back In Black

I am so glad we did not go to New Orleans this weekend! All because my guitar teacher works at the Rock School, and the kids performed Saturday Aug. 30. We had bought tickets before I'd realized that the show was Labor Day weekend.

We missed the Rock School kids. The whole reason why I wanted to see the show (totally bummed). I hope I have another opportunity, to see them again.

Here's what happened. We're heading to Dallas when John realizes he lost his ID. We come back home. He looks all over, and can't find it! Then he had to call House of Blues to confirm Will Call. Then we had to stand in the longest will call, box office line (that took forever).

Fan Halen which is this tribute Van Halen band that mimics the 80's David Lee Roth was hilarious! Talk about feeling old. Check out their outfits.

Back In Black is the AC/DC tribute band most of the guys at the Rock School perform in. They were really good! Even though we had balcony seats we ended up on the floor by the speaker, which is my favorite place to be. That way I can watch the guitar player. Good times!

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