Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Bro's Birthday

I think this is the first birthday I haven't been there for. Aren't you feeling lucky? My meat and potatoes, video game, Star Wars, eclectic music, funny movie, Broncos, Jazz loving brother. Sorry I was such a brat for most of your life, but I always loved you.
So have an extra piece of ice cream cake for me. I know you can beat my behind at Guitar Hero and Texas Hold Em. But remember who can play the real guitar, huh? And John is still the reigning Monopoly king.
your final days of freedom, before fall semester begins. I miss you every time I go to the pharmacy. Because no one else has smiles on the bottles. So, I keep my old bottles, and put new my medicine inside.

So keep dreaming of the ocean and beach, and so will I.

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