Tuesday, November 26, 2013

when it was october

 I used a magazine cover outfit as my inspiration.
Hello ridiculous poses.

Here's my version of the look.
My blouse was thrifted.

Today's outfit inspiration is:
Elle August 2013 cover with Amanda Seyfried

My black boots were thrifted.

My nephew Speed Racer wore his Jedi costume.

My twin nieces and nephew got all dressed up.

I worked on pages of my Florida trip from 2007.

written at the airport July 31, 2007
painted 2008 or 2009?

Full moon this morning. Only slept 2-3 hrs. 
My guy is groggy.
It's 6:15 am.
We went 1 hour before flight leaves.
I was freaking out in the security line, waiting for my guy to come back. He was parking the car.
I wanted him to make it in time.
(P. S. : He did).

The last thing anyone wants is to miss their plane, unless they're in some played out fake movie/story, that I still seem to fall for. 


  1. I think your poses are cool, Teddi! ;) and you did a great job with the outfit, again. by the way, Amanda is such a fierce actress! I loved her in Jennifer's Body. such a crazy film but at the same time quite addictive (I have seen it twice or thrice).

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Your boots are so cool and quirky, very grunge rocker/Alice in wonderland! I like!

  3. Oh my, you did this look dang on! That top looks so pretty on you and those boots are awesome! Gotta love a good thrifted find!

  4. Wowza, as if you had a top with basically the same print! The outfit wouldn't be the same without the hat. Plus, no need to fuss with your hair that day!

  5. I'm flying tomorrow..I hope I don't miss my flight!...but I'm totally gonna keep my sharpies and drawing tools handy...I'm gonna draw something too :) cool idea... cool post...your nephew as a jedi rocks...or as yoda would say...rocks he, your nephew...hahaha something like that...I like the way he speaks all backwards and weird... take care!

  6. I love your thrifted blouse, Teddi ! And you look so cute doing poses :) I really hope you are ok, I wish you a wonderful december ahead ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  7. Teddi!! I've missed you a lot!! And now that I see this post with your outfit inspired in any other picture i remember how much i LOVED ALL YOUR POSTS!!

  8. Ted! Why is there cold! What a joy!
    I love her cap ... she looks hot!
    That is a fabulous winter!

  9. You look great! Your outfit is so spot on like the Elle cover!

  10. It's such a coincidence to read your post now, and it talks about missing planes... I missed a plane once, to Dallas :) But I was OK. Because of that, I got to know one of my best friends, who also missed the same plane and got the replacement 2 days later, like I did. So things happen for a reason! I loved the top you are wearing and I didn't think that the poses are ridiculous. But I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to try a different pose, but then I feel... awkward and end up with always the same face :) You always look beautiful and you know that! I loved your nieces and nephews! The little cats and Batman and Jedi! The are adorable! Sorry Teddi, that I didn't visit your blog last week. When I came back from the trip, the airport officers stopped me for having "too many stamps" in the passport. I said "not as many as I would like! It took me some days to decide what to do (a formal letter) because they treated me like a drug dealer in front of more than 200 people. I simply didn;t deserve that! denisesplanet com

  11. Haha Teddie love you doing poses....so sweet! Love your boots and beanie!! Nieces and nephew rock the house with its funny dresses...make me smile and make me wanna dress up funny too ;) Your moon looks mischievous ;) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  12. your version is more natural! you look great, doll!
    nice full moon. such a lovely silent partner who speaks right into the heart!


  13. I love your inspirational outfits Teddi, always spot on! I have missed abot 3 flights in my life an it feels horrible :/

  14. I absolutely love your outfit Teddi!
    And oh em gee, the little fellow in his jeddi costume. Just adorable! :)


  15. i love that top on you. you look gorgeous!!! missing your blog posts but getting a chance to catch up with some of them i've missed.



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