Sunday, January 23, 2011

party time

It was a sea of plaid.

Be nice people I felt lousy, and had no make-up on.
Trust me more people were wearing plaid than the photos show.

Some dude stumbled into our table spilling drinks all over.
I was nervous that my camera would be ruined, but it wasn't thank goodness.
We hung our coats over the railing to dry cause they were wet from the spilled drinks.
Everything reeked of smoke though. Laundry and shower were required later.
Today I found small holes in the hood of my coat. I think they were burned from whoever's cigarette ashes.

Notice another person wearing plaid, and this was between band sets.

Oh yes we had fun.

 All I drank was water because everybody knows I don't need alcohol to act a fool.

It just comes naturally for me.      :)

This was the only decent video I could find, and I didn't feel like spending  all night looking.

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