Monday, September 28, 2009

20 questions

1. show us the inside of something cute
this fabulous book

2. the last homemade cooking i
had: j made broccoli and cauliflower pasta alfredo last nite. this is not an actual pic of
shot though sorry.

3.who do i miss? my girl N and her little monkeys. it's been way too long. someday though

4.what makes me laugh often?
my fav tv show flight of the conchords
5. my favorite
6. what am i trying to quit?
nothing, but i should give up my gum addiction
7, what's my favorite commercial right now? the trojan ecstacy one with the couple in the drug store
8. whose style do i dig? rachel bilson

9. what's the latest craft i made recently? i finally finished my seattle scrapbook last nite. it only took 9 years!

10. a photo of the last happy mail i got: my magazines

11. something i've got lately: my lemon icebox cookie scented candle

what am i looking forward to? autumn and halloween

recent snapshot of
myself: fake dorky cowboy outfit at los lonely boys show

movie i can't wait
to go see: whip it

15. something i'm working on right now: my art assignment

16. if a movie of my life were made who would i want to play me:

sophia bush i know she's cuter and younger, but if you know
about her personal life and how she continued acting through it. i think it's pretty amazing.

what gives me goosebumps?
musicians and guitar players. i love jimi
hendrix's little wing

18. link to great blog i discovered recently:

19. share an obsession: slacker radio is the best ever!

20.what is the meaning of your life? from the infamous words of steve tyler from aerosmith Life is a Journey, not a Destination.

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