Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jason S. Reynaga

"Switch Off/Switch On Forces Within: Can the villian become the hero, or is it ever too late? Comic books, cartoons, and high tech games have an impact on child's intrepretation of reality. So too, the actions of a parent, as they convey an ideal capable of either incredible good or great harm"

This is a self portrait of Jason. He used the Id, Ego, and Super Ego along with the inkblot picture concept. By chance we got to hear him speak. His work is brave and haunting in depth of how personal it is.

Decision and Childhood
at first glance it just looks like cool artwork one might see in a tatoo shop. red background, black velvet, and glitter

The Villain: the Star Wars reference, the relationship between father and son, the psychiatric drugs

The Hero and Phoenix
(so much more than on the surface)

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