Tuesday, April 30, 2013

from before

My outfit was based on 
this Style Imitating Art challenge from September 2012
hosted by Vivienne of Thrifted Shift.
These photos are from September 2012,
but I never showed them on my blog.

"Well, I've been going through the motions

Wonder if anyone can see

Today's art inspiration is:
Cave of LascauxTo see how others were inspired go to:
Style Imitating Art: Caves of Lascaux.

That I been looking for something

Have you been looking for me

My mom  made my necklace, and my shoes were thrifted.
I got my earrings from Etsy in Dallas 2010.

I ain't the same no more

In fact I have changed from before

My guy and I bleached this dress last summer.
We originally bought it years ago for $5.00 at Walmart.

No, you ain't gonna find me

Oh no, cause I'm not who I used to be

Leather braided bracelet from Etsy in Dallas 2010.
 Other bracelets I can't remember.
Layered flower bracelet I won in a giveaway, years ago too.

Well, I used to be a little girl

Just a smiling, feeling free

photo taken by my guy in March 2013

I wasn't worried bout nobody

Nobody worried bout me

photo by my guy in March 2013

But, I ain't the same no more
You'll find I have changed from before
photo by my guy taken in March 2013

No, you ain't gonna find me

Cause I ain't who I used to be

My art journal pages from April 2013.

I said I'd never grow old

I can't remember how that used to be

My found book poetry or book spine poetry
inspired by this post by Katie McEnaney.

In Your Face
The Late Great Me
Little Witch

I've been loving, this band, Alabama Shakes since December 2012. Today I just discovered  the singer is female. The line, "I used to be a little girl", should have been a clue. Duh me, for not watching a video of the band sooner.

I find myself without the power

I find myself without the glory

Listen! I ain't the same no more

You'll find I have changed from before

You ain't gonna find me

...Oh, no, no, I ain't who I used to be

Oh, no"...I Ain't the Same by Alabama Shakes


  1. I love what you did to that dress
    It is not only very cool it is one of a kind
    You two are so smart

  2. I wish I could take good wildlife photos like the hawk. always comes out blurry

  3. Oh I'm really digging the different coloured nails!! Love your dress too, you did an awesome job!

  4. Ah, finally I got a post that was updated on the commentluv on the blog! I am so happy for it, so I can see you and your amazing posts, always! The lyrics remind me of a band called Supreme Beings of Leisure, with "I'm not the same girl you used to know". It speaks a lot to me... and I loved this band and lyrics that you posted now!
    You look lovely, 2012 or 2013 it doesn't matter, you are always gorgeous! And will always be! You and your husband bleaced the dress? Congratulations, because it's really cool!
    Your art journal reminded me of Picasso! Wow!

  5. i love your spring nature photos. and also, that braided bracelet is great!

  6. oh I remember that challenge from Vivienne's blog :) and how cool is your self-bleached dress! and those bracelets and your nails and your shoes too. everything looks great. and your art journal pages are so pretty :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. I love the colours in this art journal page of yours! That bleached dress is such a great idea and show off your fab legs perfectly!

  8. I love Alabama Shakes! Hold On is my song at the moment, 'cause it includes both the name Brittney and the age 22 in the lyrics. ;)

    Back to you, though ... I know these photos are from a year ago, but I'm totally diggin' them! I never would've guessed you bleached the dress yourself. It looks totally professional. :) And it's so spot on for the inspiration!

  9. wow! such a great inspiration! Totally loved your outfit!

  10. seriously great dress (can't believe it was $5!!!) and i love that your mom made your necklaces. so awesome!


  11. Ted! I love your attitude in those pictures friend .... you are so rebellious .... heheheh, there seems hot, great for this dress! =)

  12. Love your photos! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  13. Love the sophisticated and chic shape of your dress!


  14. It's so cool you bleached that dress, it turned into something very original, Teddi ! Love it !
    I didn't know that song, so cool :) Many kisses my friend !

    Fashion and Cookies

  15. That dress is amazing! and the photos are great!


  16. This dress have an amazing tie and dye ! I love your nails too !

  17. That was such a great idea to bleach this dress, the browns mixed with the white is so striking, I did think of rock pattern right away. (I love these art inspiration posts, you're really clever at getting the idea across.)

  18. I would say that you nailed the look to the art inspiration. I also love your journaling..you are always so creative.

  19. Hah, the cave really has inspired your outfit :) same colors and shapes, real cool! and I love the necklace ♥ Conny

  20. Teddi, I think that your makeup complements your outfit very nicely. That's an impressive DIY. The idea of bleaching clothes beyond removing stains is a little scary to me!


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