Wednesday, June 26, 2013

quack, cheep, splash

My outfit was based on This Style Imitating Art challenge 
hosted by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey.

My shoes and blouse were thrifted.

Today's art inspiration is:
Feeding the Ducks by Mary Cassatt

 I tried to incorporate the blue of the boat in my pants. For the dark fabric with white polka dots of her skirt I used my blouse and shoes. My shoes also involve the pink, white and black of the other dress.
For the blues and greens of the sky, water, the little girl's dress, and the turtle, I used my bracelets, necklace, and toenail polish color.

My mom gave me my necklace,
and made one of my bracelets.
My friend bought me the other bracelet.

My found book poetry or book spine poetry
inspired by this post by Katie McEnaney.
Over In The Meadow
Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings
Frogs Jump
Three Friends Find Spring

Duck photos by my guy

My twin nieces EJ and Lil Bug splashing in the water, at Lagoon.
My nephew Baby JJ is playing in the water table,
 we got him for his birthday. 

My nephew Speed Racer, and my mom with baby chicks

My art journal page from June 26, 2013
photo is of my friend's son Little T, this past spring with the ducks

Feeding the Ducks

The last time I remember feeding the ducks was back in 2002. When I was a youth advocate.
I remember when 10 or 11 year old me would get excited when we visited my uncle's because his apartment complex had ducks.

When was the last time you remember 
feeding the ducks?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i heart aqua

My outfit was influenced by inspiration monday.

That's when the ladies Nora and Megan of
 Two Birds Boutique chose an outfit to inspire a look.
Here's my version of the look.
To see how others were inspired,

go to:

inspiration monday: quirks.

Today's inspiration is:
Eva Mendes

My blouse was thrifted.

My belt and shoes were thrifted.

Left: Cacharel Spring RTW 2013
Right: Alice + Olivia Spring RTW 2013

My nephew Speed Racer,
 at his Grandma's house, with her dog Ellie B.

My nephew Baby JJ, and my twin nieces with their presents.

My guy building his fire pit,
in our backyard.

A journal my friend made me for Christmas

My art journal page from June 15, 2013
The last time I rode a boat was the huge ferry with two levels When I went to Ellis Island in September 2011.
Even though I took, Dramamine, I still got sea sick.
I even got sick when we paddled a canoe at canoe fest
 in May 2010.
I also got sick in the boat when we went
snorkeling in Acapulco in October 2010.

I think I heart aqua most, when I'm on land.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

things that move

and things that move me...
Free People January 2013 catalog
Free People January 2013 catalog

Free People January 2013 catalog

My brother and my nephew

My nephew Speed Racer on his wiggle car

My nieces and nephew: Lil Bug, JJ, EJ

Me on my bike October 2009
Me on the carousel April 2009

My guy on his bike in 2009 and 2011
Last Saturday he rode 25 miles.

My art journal page from April 23, 2013
I've had a thing for lockets ever since I was little,
 with the movies Annie and A Little Princess.
Once I got my mom a locket,
and put photos of her mom and dad inside.
I've never owned a locket of my own though.

Friday, June 7, 2013

like a rainbow

...Translucent purpling clouds drifted against a backdrop of spell binding oranges, reds, and yellows...

from the book Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe

Winter 2009, in my favorite room

...The stars shone cold in a black sky, and she remembered reading how stars collapsed into black holes, losing their brilliant light to the vast darkness...

from the book Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe
Left: Summer 2012
Middle: Winter 2010
Right: Autumn 2010

...The sun was a fireball in a blazing orange red sky.

 from the book Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe
Cbanel Spring RTW 2013
The great flaming orb took center stage, glorying in her resplendent beauty as she descended

from the book
 Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe
Cbanel Spring RTW 2013

My nieces and nephew: Lil Bug, Baby JJ, and EJ

My nephew Speed Racer

Furniture I liked at Hobby Lobby

My art journal page from February 27, 2013
inspired by
this in the mood to scrap video by wilna furstenberg
Expect the best from the universe
Cultivate curiosity, optimism,
and perseverance.

slowly, delicately, soundlessly into the ocean.
The sea welcomed her, absorbing her colors 
reflecting her brilliance in its shimmering water. The sky and sea danced a duet of unsurpassed beauty and incomparable grace...
 from the book Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

of arcadia and things

I'm one day behind inspiration monday.

The ladies Megan and Nora of Two Birds Boutique
chose an outfit to inspire a look.

Here's my version of the look.To see how others styled it go to:
inspiration monday: the motherload.

Today's inspiration is:
Lauren Conrad

...Sometimes you have to let time carry you past your troubles she says. Believe me...

from book 
Arcadia by Lauren Groff

I hand painted my earrings yellow.earrings: Michael's craft store dollar bin 

Yes, it looks like I need to iron my dress.
left bracelet: hand painted by my friend's mom
right bracelets: made by cousin, mom, and various stores

Yes, my poses are silly.
dress: thrifted
shoes: thrifted

My art journal page from May 30, 2013

Sometimes I have to shut the windows
 and doors. It's allergy season! 
I have to take allergy medicine every day.
Today my friend told me that she heard, it's more windy in Dallas than in Chicago.
I believe it. day begin to hatch to yellow...from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff

all nature photos  taken by my guy spread on the ground like small open mouths,
 purple bells, white stars with golden hearts...
from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff

...The trees whisper among themselves...from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff

...into a love song, voices broken and beautiful.
The song rises and infiltrates the city and wakes the inhabitants, one by one, from their oven dark dreams, and all across the island, people sit up in bed to listen to it lap around them, an ocean of kindness...
from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff