Monday, April 30, 2012

the light is fading fast

It's Inspiration Monday,
so I'm linking up with Two Birds.
My shoes, skirt, & eyelet blouse are thrifted.

Today's inspiration is
Emma Watson.

I tried it with my black leather jacket.

I didn't really like it.

I drew my guy.

Once upon a road trip.
My art journal page
I love this boy.
I love this dog too. :)

It says:
Did my nephew find his own kinda place,

Gracie (the dog's kennel)?
He went there on his own. 
When my brother was little, he'd gather all the pillows
 in the whole house and say,
"I'm making a kinda place."
My brother
when he was little.

My nephew
Little me
with my mom's sewing tape measure.
My twin nieces

eating their mandarin oranges, in the same bowls
their uncle J, (my guy), used when he was little.
This is EJ.
This is Lil Bug.

..."Wait for me please
wait for me
alright, i guess
that's more than i should ask
wait for me please
wait for me
although i know the light is fading fast...
..but you gotta lot to learn
if you think that i'm not

waiting for you." by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Friday, April 27, 2012

for kat

Kat from A Second Glance asked when I feel most creatively inspired, With art, I can be inspired anytime, with an image.
Badgley Mischka RTW Spring 2012
A scene outside a store.

Especially if I look at someone else's art,
At the Community Arts Center

When I read or someone tells me a story.

My art journal page 
It says: "You can cut all the flowers
but you cannot keep spring from coming."
-Pablo Neruda

I'm mostly inspired by other people.

Alexis Mabille 2012 Spring RTW

Children inspire me.

In the car with my friend's son Little T. 

Art journal page
Its says: "Spring sprang suddenly onto the land."-Jean Giorno

I'm inspired by music.
When I hear it,
when I see it live or on TV, &
when I try to play it myself.

 Local band we saw last week. I don't know their name.

Just Cavalli RTW Spring 2012
Art Journal page

Nature is also a good source of inspiration.

I saw this butterfly while I was getting gas.

Aquilano E Rimondi 2012 Spring
Aquilano E Rimondi 2012 Spring

Can you see how I use my inspirations in my art?

Art Journal page

I do my best writing, first thing in the morning, right after I wake up. My guy is really good about when he sees me writing, to not interrupt, nor break my concentration. If it's quiet, I can focus for a long time. I do better, if I can have uninterrupted time,
in silence.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

into the blind unknown

I'm linking up to Thursdays are for Thrifters.

This was a large skirt I found at the thrift store.
Then I asked my mom to resew it my size.

Orange bracelet: dollar store
Green & black bracelet: handmade by a friend 

Green blue & bracelet: handmade by mom
Orange, & white bracelet: handmade by my cousin

My cousin made my guitar pick earrings,
as shown here.

I got this purse from my sister n-law.
My mom made the bracelet.

I made the black fused glass charm,
 in jewelry class, photos shown here. 

My shoes are thrifted.

The problem with this skirt is it's sheer.
That means I have to wear leggings with it.

I hand painted my leggings.
I was attempting to make them,
 resemble colorful flowers.

Art Journal pgs.


There I am minus make-up.
I'm wearing my Against Me! concert t-shirt.

We've seen the band Against Me!,
in concert 3 times.

This photo is when we saw them at
Warped Tour here in 2008.

This photo is from when we saw them in 2010.
There are more photos from that concert here.

Cavalier Eternal is one of my fave songs by them.

These are my favorite lyrics from the song:
..."Me and this guitar
are going swinging
blind into the unknown. 

You know, a song and a stage
is all I ever needed of a home.

Someday I will call from a payphone
 in a truckstop on the road 

and you'll tell me how much better off
you've been on your own."...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

spring green

This is me in 2006,wearing spring green,
even though it was Autumn.
I'm wearing the same belt
I wore from my post yesterday, shown here.

 ...Colors! I'm so into colors now. I want to eat food that's different colors. I can feel the wind blowing against my face and hear the woods that were mine when I was a kid...

 ...I took off my shoes and felt the cool green moss on my feet; I smelled the pine needles, the pungent earthy odor of decaying leaves...
...For a moment I stood in alone in a clearing, listening to the muffled silence...
...I've learned that if I shoot an arrow of truth, I must first dip its point in honey...
My nephew on a Spring day.
...I've learned the ancient lesson of apology. -OWN IT. It puts out every fire you may have walked through in life... 
My nephew with his dad.
...People often miss the silver lining because they were expecting gold... 
My nephew in his very cute hair.
...I've seen the sun go down only to be swallowed by the ocean!
Only to rise again in the morning...

My nephew with his mom.
My nephew with his grandma.
My art journal page.
...It's hard to tell who I am by the trail left by my musical career. I'm the demon  of screamin,
the dude that looks like a lady, the rag doll that married Lucy in the Sky.

Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?
by Steven Tyler
...But I'm also something more than the rock n-roll junky wh#re who got his foot inside the door. Sure, we're all the sum of our experiences. If you listen to the song I wrote in 1969, "Dream On," you might get a different view. I may have not been quite sure of what I was doing, but I was onto something. Just sayin...from Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? by Steven Tyler

Dream On by Aerosmith
"Every time when I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way
Everybody's got the dues in life to pay

I know nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody sin
You got to lose to know how to win 

Half my life
Is books written pages
Live and learn from fools and
From sages
You know it's true, oh
All these things you do come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, just for today
Dream on
Dream on
Dream on
Dream until your dreams come true 
Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away"