Friday, March 30, 2012

primary colors & playdough

The warm weather is calling.
It says it's time for bright, colorful, fun.
Agnes B 2012 Spring

Altuzarra Spring 2012
Ashish 2012 Spring
Anna Sui 2012 Spring

Anna Sui 2012 Spring

Today I played playdough, with my friend's son, Little T. We also filled & dumped buckets of purple sand.
I took these photos last month.
I don't have any photos from today
because Little T, didn't want me to take any. 
This is my friend's son, Little T.
This is Cookie Monster,
in case you didn't know. 

Notice Little T's shirt. :)
Giggles & joy.

OK Go 
Primary Colors video

I say you are never too old to play,
so go play your heart away.   ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a girl & horses

Cowboys & horses remind me of my grandpa. 

For my grandpa was the most important cowboy in my life.

Recycled Horses Top

My grandpa wore a cowboy hat, cowboy boots,
jeans, snap up western shirts, & bolo ties.

Upcycled Jeans

He was a good daddy to my mom. That 's what she called him, Daddy. Her brothers & sisters would tease her that she was his favorite.

Close up of Upcycled Jeans

My mom took care of my grandpa, at her house, when he was dying of cancer.

White Horse Earrings
My grandpa had three horses.
One horse was named Candy.
She was golden, like a wheat field blonde.

Pendant Necklace

He had a horse named Stormy. She was dark as midnight. Then Stormy had a son named Prince,
 but no one rode him.

Messenger Bag

Candy & Stormy were the first horses I remember riding.  
I learned to ride a bicycle on my grandpa's 10 speed bike.
My grandpa took me on my first ride on a motorcycle. 

Running Horses Beaded Bracelet

Sometimes I dream about my grandpa. In my dreams he's wise. He seems to have all the answers, when I all I have are questions. In my dreams he tries to comfort me. 

Band of Horses Tank

In my dreams he says, "It's gonna be ok sis."

In real life, my grandpa called his daughters & granddaughters, "sis."

Horse Leggings
I don't think my grandpa called my grandma "sis."
I think he called her "mother," or "woman."

 He also called her by her name, Emily.

Wild Horses Jersey Dress

My grandpa had a mug someone bought him it said, "D@m# I'm Good." 

I wonder if he believed he was.

Tie Dye Dress

Some of you asked me to show you closer images of my horse drawings from a couple weeks ago.
This is how I used them. 
Art Journal pg. 1

I looked at photos of my grandpa & drew the cowboy images in the shape of his silhouette.
Art Journal pg. 2

Art Journal pg. 3

Art Journal pg. 4

I can still hear him call us "sis." I wish he was still here. I wish cancer didn't kill him. I wish I'd known him better. I wish I'd loved him more. I wish I was wise.

Little me in my grandpa's cowboy boots.
Now you can say you've seen me
in my underwear.
It's a good thing I was maybe only 4.

I wonder if they are all in heaven having a party.
Maybe my grandpa is singing with the angels.
Maybe he's an angel.
Well at least he doesn't have to go to the store again for Grandma. He sure did get sick of going to the store, over & over again.  :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

my journey

This is me in casual attire.
My guy asked me to do a guitar strum.
I felt ridiculous.
My pants are thrifted.
My Fender guitar t-shirt is thrifted.
You've seen my guitar here.
Yes, it's a 
Fender  . 

When I think of swings I think of 7th grade.
My best friend was an 8th grader named Ann.

 Ann  & I lived in the same apartment complex.
We would walk home from school together.

Then we would go home & watch Days of Our Lives.
My husband told me that his sister used to watch that show too. I told him it must have been trendy.

I don't think I've followed a daytime soap opera since junior high. Back to the swings, in the evening, before it got dark, Ann & I would meet at the swings.

We would just swing & talk. Back then, I was kind of a brat. I admit it. She & I fought all the time.

The truth is back then, I was pretty angry.
I fought with my mom, & my brother too.
I'm not proud.

I mention this because, I feel bad about the way I acted & treated the people I love.
I wish I had been nicer to my brother.
I feel bad that I didn't look out for him better.
I wish I would have paid attention.
I was too wrapped in my own growing pains.

The shadows of my guy & I.

 To my bro, this commercial's for you.
It's a whole 31 seconds. I think you can stand it.  

My brother was telling me how he doesn't like the band Journeycause it's overplayed. Now it's kind of a joke with his wife & I. 
We will sing or play  Journey  around him. 

My favorite line in the commercial
: "Saw them in 83' in Fresno. The place was crawling with chicks." 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

now & then

Although I don't own any of these things,
I would wear them now,
to create one outfit.

Woven Cotton Cuffed Boots
Lace Sleeved Blouse
Lace Skirt
Recycled Blue Jean Denim Purse  
Recycled Card Trick Earrings

While above I featured the colors red & blue,
 in a dream outfit of now.

This is what Little Me wore then.
It's a complete outfit of red & blue.

I was in my childhood front yard.
I was in California.
I do NOT remember that doll.

While I'm thinking of  Now and Then
Have you seen this cute movie from 1995?
Now and Then

: When you're 12, without effort, you live in the moment. You don't regret the past or worry about the future, and in that moment, Teeny filled my heart with hope and comfort 

: Thomas Wolfe once said you can't go home again. Well, that's great for old Tom. But he wasn't a chick who made a pact with her friends when she was twelve to get together whenever any one of them needed each other. So here I am driving back to my childhood home in Indiana a place I can tell you I never wanted to see again. 
Samantha: I guess a promise is a promise. Sure looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking. 

Teeny: It's normal for things to be $h!tty 

[after Roberta punches Chrissy in the arm
Chrissy: Ow! That hurt. 
Roberta: Yea, well, you deserved it fart-@$s!

Vietnam Veteran: I'm going to tell you something i wish someone would have told me when I was your age. 
Chrissy: Oh yeah? What's that? 
Vietnam Veteran: Your parents aren't always right. 
Samantha: No $h!t.  

Samantha: As we grow older, it becomes difficult to just believe. It's not that we don't want to, but too much has happened and we can't.

: We all used to try so hard to fit in. We wanted to look exactly alike, do all the same things, practically be the same person, but when we weren't looking that all changed.

Young Samantha Albertson: Mr. Kent? 
Bud: Oh please, call me Bud. 
Young Samantha Albertson: Bug? 
Bud: No, Bud, B-U-D. Bud. 
Young Samantha Albertson: Oh. Well, BuD, you have a piece of food stuck in your teeth.

Roberta: I think you'll make a great mum Chrissy, a little overbearing and rigid, but by the grace of God the kid will come out relativity unharmed, if not there's always therapy. 
Samantha: This whole baby thing baffles me, I mean you have it, you raise it, you inevitably screw it up, it resents you, feels guilty for resenting you and then it has a baby, which only perpetuates the vicious cycle. 
Roberta: Thank you, Oscar The Grouch.

Samantha: He said something that didn't mean as much then as it does now...
 He told me that things happen in life that you can't stop but it wasn't a reason to shut out the world... 

Samantha: Wow... I realize that... I've been so afraid of the bad things that um... That I've missed out on the good... You know I didn't wanna come back here... But I'm really glad I did... I'd forgotten how much it helped to have you guys as friends... I'm really lucky to have this place... and each other..